WSDOT Steps Up Its Game With Revamped Website


Good to Go has a new website this summer. This weekend, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) will unveil its new website, promising a much more user-friendly experience.

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This new website has been in the works for three years, and I even helped create it, spending time browsing the test site and providing feedback on what I liked and didn’t like while the designers tweaked the final product.

I use the current website daily to confirm travel conditions and journey times to help Puget Sound drivers get around, but the site is a bit clunky. It was time for an update.

“It’s been over 15 years since there was a major update, and it’s a long time in technology,” said Mike Allende of WSDOT. “A lot has changed in these 15 years – a lot of what people expect from communication has changed.”

The current site is not very mobile friendly, and that’s something WSDOT wanted to fix.

“We’ve done a lot of testing over the past three years to develop this to find out exactly what people want to know and how to go about finding it,” Allende said. “We have designed this new site to meet these demands, and it will be a much simpler and more user-friendly experience. “

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The current website has 14,000 individual pages, and it looks like you need a number, and maybe an old parchment map, to get the information you need. The new website is down to 2,000 pages.

“We describe it as a sort of storage cupboard,” Allende said. “If you’re thinking of looking for a sock in a storage closet, it’s like finding information on our website in many ways. “

The site will contain information on the bicycle, train and ferry system. It will also feature a new individual travel card, similar to many travel apps or maps, which will guide you on your journey. It will highlight accidents, construction and maps.

The site goes up on Sunday and you should expect intermittent slowdowns as it updates.

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