Wright City wants to manage all resident needs through one website

Adam Rollins, Editor

Wright City is looking to hire a company to completely revamp the city’s website and provide residents with a go-to system for accessing city services.

The city received proposals from three website developers to create a new online system, which were discussed at a meeting of the council of aldermen on January 13.

“Our goal is to have everything available to citizens on our website. So they could register their kids to play ball and pay online, we can do our building inspections there, people could pay a permit fee. We try to put it all in one place and easily accessible to everyone,” said Mayor Michelle Heiliger.

The website would also contain detailed information on various city services and ordinances, most of which are available on the city’s current website. Heiliger said the city has requested detailed proposals for the cost of each website feature it deems useful, and now the council of aldermen will consider which features are worth their costs.

Alderman Ramiz Hakim said another key feature that aldermen want for the website is a community alert feature that can send messages when urgent information needs to reach residents.

“What got us down this path is that we want to be more communicative with our citizens, and we need them to be able to sign up for alerts and communications. So if a water main is cut, or if basketball or football games are canceled, there is a way to get them (that information) beyond just social media,” Hakim commented.


Almost ready for UTVs – City Clerk Abbie Ogborn told aldermen that registration decals for UTVs, side-by-sides and other similar vehicles are expected to arrive in January, and city staff are preparing to schedule their first day of registration .

Wright City passed an ordinance last year allowing UTVs on city roads, but UTVs must be registered and meet inspection and safety requirements. Staff organized registration procedures and ensured registration stickers were created and delivered.

Because many are expected to register their vehicles right away, city leaders want to do a full day of upfront registrations. The date and location have not yet been finalized for day one registrations. This information will be announced on the Wright City Facebook page.

Police Chief Tom Canavan also offered a temporary waiver on unlicensed UTV tickets for people who drive their vehicles to get them registered.

Storm sirens on the way – New storm sirens that will be installed at three locations around Wright City will be installed within weeks, City Administrator Jim Schuchmann said. The weather will be a determining factor when that happens, as digging for the installation of new poles cannot be done when the ground is frozen, Schuchmann commented.

The city has also coordinated with a radio communications company to install upgrades to the Wright City Police Department, part of a system to send an automated signal to trigger sirens whenever the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning. The system can also be triggered manually.

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