UD will still require the use of masks in classrooms and campus transportation | The latest news from WDEL

The University of Delaware has reduced many of its mask mandates, but will continue to require face coverings in classrooms and some other locations.

In a message sent to the campus community Thursday evening, UD announced that vaccination and testing requirements for visitors would be suspended, with the online form for domestic and international travel no longer needing to be completed and the face masks in non-classroom spaces on campus are no longer required.

The school said it is still seeing higher COVID case and positivity rates than the rest of Delaware, so face masks will still be required in all classrooms, daycares, and on public-sponsored transportation. UD.

According to the University of Delaware dashboard, UD still sees a positivity run of about 5.0% in asymptomatic surveillance test results. The Delaware state average is 4.1%.

161 positive COVID cases have been reported on campus so far this week, with 157 students and 4 employees, reversing what had been a two-week decline on campus.

Required PCR testing will continue for those not fully vaccinated, with a 7-day isolation and quarantine period for those who test positive for COVID or have been exposed to unvaccinated COVID.

Delaware reports that over 95% of its community has been vaccinated.

Delaware’s announcement comes after all public school districts in Delaware lifted their mask mandates earlier this week following guidelines issued by the CDC late last week.

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