Two more weeks to share your views on the use of digital twins in the transport sector

The deadline for responding to the survey examining in detail how the transportation infrastructure industry is currently using digital twins and the level of understanding of digital twin technology is just two weeks away.

NCE partnered with Bentley Systems to undertake the survey to create data and insights for the roundtable discussion held following NCE The future of rail and future of roads lectures in London on July 6. Details of the discussion will be published in the September issue of NCE.

According to Bentley, digital twins are reshaping the way infrastructure is planned, designed, built and operated in much the same way BIM did almost 20 years ago. Digital twins, which are realistic and dynamic digital representations of physical assets, processes, or systems, help infrastructure professionals effectively manage the volume and variety of data that has become part of their job.

The online survey was designed to assess how digital twins are currently being used, how this is changing and what the barriers are to wider use in the future.

The survey, which can be completed anonymously, is available here:

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