The “Trafi” public transport app launched in Bangalore and Mumbai


An international public transport app, Trafi, which helps plan city trips, was unveiled in Bengaluru and Mumbai on Wednesday. “Trafi’s focused, real-time approach offers precise information, showing what is happening in your city at all times. As it is applied to the main modes of transport, it will help you on any trip to select the best bus, train and metro options in a clear overview ”, said Martynas Gudonavicius, co-founder and managing director of Trafi, in a press release. Also Read – Google Shuts Down This Popular Application Used By Millions Of Users

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The app will spend $ 1 million in 2016 to complete the government’s smart cities project to provide the right information about public transport in major cities in India.

“By aggregating and showcasing modes of transport like buses, commuter trains, bike sharing and the metro and offering routes based on convenience and speed, Trafi enables people to avoid cars, “the company’s statement read.

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In addition to helping ordinary people navigate traffic, Trafi aims to empower public and private sector fleet operators to gain visibility over their fleet and improve public transport and operations.

The scalable cloud-based application, capable of replacing conventional hardware, can be accessed anywhere, allowing people to see moving traffic like a cabin aggregator screen. Founded in Lithuania in 2013, Trafi enables journey planning in cooperation with transit authorities.

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