Taxi Tico: new transport application in Costa Rica



A new mobile app for iPhones and Android devices aims to connect taxi operators to passengers by increasing the process of finding a ride and providing a platform for cashless payments. In a style similar to successful transportation network applications such as Uber and Sidecar, Taxi Tico is a company that seeks to improve the efficiency of public transport in Costa Rica.

Getting a taxi in Costa Rica is not always easy. While there doesn’t appear to be a shortage of iconic red taxis that run through San José and other major cities in Costa Rica, passengers often experience difficulty when the following situations arise:

  • When it rains and all available taxis seem to magically disappear. At rush hour.
  • When payday falls on a Friday.
  • During busy holidays.
  • In rural areas, especially early in the morning.

Calling the dispatch service of taxi companies is usually a random attempt. There is usually a single employee who handles all radio and telephone communications, often resulting in unanswered phone calls and long wait times. These are just a few of the issues Taxi Tico seeks to solve with its app.

Expats who live in rural areas are probably familiar with the complexity of giving directions when calling a cab. Then, Mi Taxi for transport providers takes care of it by taking advantage of the GPS functions integrated in smartphones and tablets used by taxi drivers who join the Taxi Tico transport network.

Passengers who have encountered the unpleasant experience of a taxi driver unable to make change will certainly appreciate the convenience of registering their credit card with the Taxi Tico network and making an electronic payment seamlessly.

Currently, only taxi drivers with a red taxi permit issued by the Costa Rican Ministry of Transport can participate in the Taxi Tico network. To find out more about Taxi Tico and Mi Taxi, visit their website and watch their promotional videos.

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