Among the topics covered by the latest petitions published on the House website are Covid restrictions, public transport and construction sites.

Nine new petitions were made available for public signature on the website of the Chamber of Deputies. Petitions have until February 17 to collect 4,500 signatures – the threshold required for public debate.


  1. Exceptional leave for pet owners (2068)
  2. Covid / risk premium for employees who have to come into contact with colleagues or unvaccinated customers in the workplace (2116)
  3. Revision, modification and adaptation of the Luxembourg law on sexual crimes (2129)
  4. Stop road works taking place at the same time at crucial points of the road network (2133)
  5. Petition Against Quarantine or Isolation of Children in Cycles 1-3 (2113)
  6. More light in the dark – political education for adults (2140)
  7. Reserve the first two rows of buses for people with disabilities or reduced mobility (2142)
  8. “Protect the unvaccinated in the name of general health”, calling for the containment of the unvaccinated (2144)
  9. Petition against 2G rules in the leisure sector, “to stop discrimination against a minority” (2130)

Petitions can be viewed and signed on