Range of transportation projects expected to get US funding | National policy

LAS VEGAS (AP) – Officials say Nevada’s share of new funding provided by recently approved federal infrastructure legislation will likely help fund a range of projects, including expanding the highway system, improving public transport and new technologies to connect mobility systems.

The state will receive $ 83.5 million in the current fiscal year, a 21% increase, and the additional funding will total $ 520.7 million by the fifth year, the Las Vegas Review reported. -Newspaper.

The priorities set in the state transport plan include the equitable satisfaction of the long-term needs of all transport users, including cyclists, drivers, pedestrians and public transport users.

Highway projects that could receive additional funding include the completion of more of the new Highway 11 and the extension of Highway 15.

“This new law will allow us to invest in major highway extension projects such as I-11 and I-15,” said US Senator Jacky Rosen. “This will open up our highways by speeding up travel to California and Arizona. We need tourists to go back and forth, for goods and services. “

Clark County Commissioner Austin Jones, vice chairman of the RTC, said the agency would seek funds for central traffic light control, modernized communications and autonomous vehicle infrastructure.

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