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Amersfoort – The outgoing Minister of Education, Culture and Science Ingrid van Engelshofen this morning inaugurated the CollectionCentrum Nederland (CC NL) in Amersfoort. He did this using the historic De Blauwe Mortier cylindrical device, the largest object preserved in CC NL. The CollectionCentrum Nederland brings together four important national collections, those of the Dutch Open Air Museum, the Paleis Het Loo Museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Cultural Heritage Agency, in one of the most sustainable buildings in the Netherlands. The combination of the four groups and the cooperation of the four partners make CC NL unique in the world.

Ingrid van Engelshofen, outgoing Minister of Education, Culture and Science: The Dutch Collection Center is a special site where four national collections are brought together. I foresee that heritage management can be taken to the next level by bringing groups together. CC NL is modern, incredibly durable and futuristic. CC NL has everything it takes to become a center of expertise in the management and preservation of museum collections. It’s great to be able to see that in the Netherlands.

Half a million pieces

About half a million items are stored in CC NL, ranging from paints, crafts and furniture to jewelry, clothing and watches. CC NL has royal thrones and treasures of noble families, but also merry horses, historic bicycles, sleds, a steam engine weighing over 7,000 kilograms and a barrel organ over five meters high. The royal carts now rub shoulders with farm carts.

Taco Dibbets, director of the Rijksmuseum: CCNNL, reveals intriguing connections that were once hidden. The physical grouping of the collections gives a more complete picture of art and history in the Netherlands, both chronologically and socially. CC NL should become a catalyst for loan and research traffic. I warmly invite museum curators, academics and other students to come and apply for loans or conduct research.

Unique facilities

The collaboration between the four institutions goes well beyond the simple sharing of the building. The groups are merged, there is a common operational management and the employees of the four institutions together form a team. By working together it is possible that CC NL offers unique facilities in the Netherlands that benefit the entire cultural sector. For example, for the first time in the Netherlands there are special quarantine rooms where museum rooms can be cleaned of harmful insects and fungi by freezing them or extracting oxygen. In addition, CC NL has a photo studio and an X-ray room. There are also large catering studios that other cultural institutions can use as well.

Wim Hoeben, Site Manager CC NL: “A good example is the restoration of the 350 year old painting ‘View of Amersfoort’ by Matthias Wiethos. This remarkable work, measuring two and a half meters by four meters, is being restored on behalf of the Amersfoort Museum Flieheit at CC NL ”.


CC NL is built in the Vathorst district of Amersfoort, along the A28 motorway. This location was chosen in part because of its central location and ease of access. This is important because CC NL wants to stimulate the movement of loans. Moreover, it is within walking distance of Amersfoort Vathorst station, which means that people can also get there by public transport without any problems.

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