Naperville resident launches charity website to help her native Ukraine

Naperville resident and Ukrainian native Bogdana Kashperovetska had to watch from afar as her native Ukraine came under attack from Russia in recent weeks. Her parents currently live in Vinnystia, where the Russians bombed the airport, making it difficult for residents to leave the country. Since the attack, she has spent late nights checking in to keep her parents safe.

“If it’s midnight here, it’s 7 a.m., so I’m usually up until 11 p.m., midnight, 1 a.m. just to contact them and ask them,” Kashperovetska said.

Sunflower Alliance

photo courtesy of Sunflower Alliance

The mother of two from Naperville is doing what she can to help here. She created the Sunflower Alliance to collect donations to help Ukrainians. The charity’s name has a special meaning, as the sunflower is the country’s national flower. People can donate directly to the Sunflower Alliance website or can access it to access an Amazon wishlist to purchase much-needed medical supplies. Money raised will be used to help transport supplies and pay to quickly get equipment to those in Ukraine.

“We try to do, to be very active on social media, just to convey this message that every bit, every bit counts. Even my children have started making bracelets. They ask and they keep asking as much as possible,” Kashperovetska said.

Ukrainian bracelets

photo courtesy of Sunflower Alliance

The blue and yellow wristbands represent the colors of the Ukrainian flag and are known as the Stand with Ukraine Cause wristbands. They can be purchased through the site’s fundraising page. There is no fixed price; but donors are encouraged to give whatever they can.

“It’s something significant, because as you know, a lot of people are still asking for help. But you can’t help everyone. You can set the goal; and we have been working with organizations recently, probably to help Ukraine’s most vulnerable population,” Kashperovetska said.

Goal of $10,000

As of March 25, she was halfway to her $10,000 goal with a total of $5,635 raised so far. And it doesn’t stop there.

“Once we achieve our first goal, I hope, I really hope so much that we can work further for the second and continue to help – because it’s not a sprint,” Kashperovetska said.

The outpouring of donations and the help of volunteers to bring support to her homeland meant the world to Kashperovetska.

“You can’t thank everyone enough, but I truly believe that without everyone involved, we wouldn’t be where we are,” Kashperovetska said.

Naperville News 17 Patrick Codo Reports

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