Launch of the Move Electric electric mobility website

The electric mobility website, Move Electric, was launched by Haymarket Automotive, publisher of Autocar.

The site will serve as the definitive destination for anyone looking to investigate or own any type of electric vehicle, from cars to bikes, scooters and more, as well as demystifying new technologies surrounding the production and delivery of energy. The launch strengthens Haymarket Automotive’s position at the heart of the electric mobility movement that is expected to dominate the transportation agenda for decades to come.

Move Electric is supported by energy company OVO Energy, which will be the brand’s official partner for home charging. It will be have a significant brand image on the website as a result of the partnership. OVO Energy is committed to being a net zero carbon company and to achieving bold science-based goals of reducing carbon emissions by 2030.

Move Electric editor-in-chief James Attwood said. “Launching a new brand in the media space is exciting – but doing it around one of the most talked about industries is an incredible opportunity. Hardly a day goes by without electrification making the news, and our mission is to help consumers make the right choices as they step into this new, sometimes confusing but always exciting, world.

“The momentum in electric car sales right now is amazing, and the trends behind electric bikes and – potentially, if they get government approval next year – electric scooters suggest that there is interest in it. will also increase. We also plan to tackle the debates about recharging, delivering green power and more, as well as looking at some of the funniest innovations, such as drone races and hovercraft that are increasingly common. on our waterways.

Chris Russell, Commercial Director of OVO Energy, said: “We are committed to supporting UK households on their journey to a zero carbon lifestyle, and Move Electric’s incredibly bold vision to become a leading voice. plan at the heart of the electric mobility revolution made it exactly the kind of exciting partnership we wanted to support.

“This vision, combined with Haymarket Automotive’s long-standing reputation for creating leading media titles for discerning readers, made it clear that we would support Move Electric.

The launch of Move Electric will be supported by the well-established leading brands of Haymarket Automotive What Car? and Autocar, which will post additional content to its audiences, which total approximately five million unique users per month. The popularity of this content has been established in trials at both sites that have been running since early August, as well as in user surveys. Pageviews for electric car content have exploded in Autocar in recent years, registering a 26% year-over-year increase in 2021 and 62% since 2019.

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