LA to launch the first ‘Transportation Technological Innovation Zone’ | New



Photo by Brayden Law from Pexels

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced last week the first in town Transport Technology Innovation Zone, an area where innovators can test their technological transport solutions. Located in the West San Fernando Valley, the area is the result of a partnership between Mayor Garcetti and City Council member Bob Blumenfield, “designed to transform the Warner Center into one of the hubs of innovation in Los Angeles Workforce Mobility and Development “.

“Transportation and technology each have the ability to connect communities, create jobs, and contribute to advancements in sustainability, equity and economic growth – and Los Angeles is proud to serve as a testing ground for dynamic and innovative mobility solutions ”, declared Mayor Garcetti. in his ad. “The first-ever Transportation Technology Innovation Zone will bring together local businesses, workers and inventors around how to revolutionize mobility in the West Valley, and it will serve as a model for what is possible as more and more more zones will be posted in areas of Los Angeles. “

The new initiatives are one of the flagship programs of Urban Movement Labs (UML), the transport solutions accelerator launched by Mayor Garcetti in November 2019.

“LA is at the forefront of the mobility revolution in our country and around the world,” Lilly Shoup, interim executive director of Urban Movement Labs said in a statement. “With initiatives like the Urban Movement Labs, which accelerate transport solutions, and the Open Mobility Foundation, which gives decision-makers the digital tools they need to govern emerging mobility, Mayor Garcetti and LADOT are leading the conversation on how to integrate equity, sustainability and accessibility into our future of urban mobility. “

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