HRMPO invites comments on long-term transportation plans

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – The Harrisonburg Rockingham Metropolitan Planning Organization asks the public to complete an online survey highlighting their transportation needs. The goal is to gather input for the organization’s 2045 long-term transportation plan.

“This is looking at a 25-year planning horizon for the Harrisonburg Rockingham area, so that’s the town of Harrisonburg, the county ring around the town, and the towns of Bridgewater, Dayton and Mt. Crawford,” said said Ann Cundy, director of transportation for the Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission, which manages the HRMPO.

The survey asks residents what their transportation needs are, what transit issues they see, and what their priorities are.

“We will use this information about people’s priorities and where they have identified needs and challenges both to develop the list of projects to consider and to develop the methodology for how we score them,” said said Cundy.

“If we hear that the main challenge for people is getting to where they want to walk or bike, as opposed to security issues somewhere in the region, we would potentially prefer these types of projects more than others. , but it all depends on what we hear in the poll.”

HRMPO will work with the Virginia Department of Transportation and local governments to develop future transportation projects.

The hope is that feedback from the survey will be used to develop projects that will improve the area’s transportation infrastructure over time to keep up with population growth and limit traffic.

“One of the ways any community can handle the challenges of population growth and traffic is to invest in a network that gives you the ability to travel two different ways,” Cundy said. “It could be reconfiguring an intersection that has a high accident rate on US 33 Market Street, which could add sidewalks, bus stops and bike lanes on South Main Street around Mosby Road or Erikson Avenue. “

The deadline to complete the survey is March 2. Click on here for more information.

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