FCTA partners with Egyptian company and seeks investment in transport sector

CTF Minister Malam Muhammad Musa Bello called on investors to take advantage of the many investment opportunities available and invest in the country’s federal capital.

Malam Bello, who made the appeal when a delegation of investors from Egypt’s Maxim investment group led by its chairman, Dr Mohammed Karrar, and Nigerian partners Juremi Group, visited the CTF administration on Friday, November 26, 2021, said Abuja was still a work in progress and therefore offered great opportunities for investors.

The minister who described the CTF as gradually becoming an ICT hub stressed the importance of meeting the needs of the growing number of upward mobile people, urging potential investors to make proposals to Carter for a cosmopolitan city that describes perfectly Abuja.

Malam Bello highlighted the need for more investment in transport, where he highlighted the need for more bus terminals, provision of environmentally friendly public transport vehicles, road development as well as public services. such as street lighting.

Other areas of investment, he said, include health services, water supply, waste disposal and liquid waste management, agriculture and mining. He also revealed investment opportunities in the Land Swap program.

In his presentation, Dr Mohammed Karrar mentioned the possibilities of collaboration and partnership between the FCT and the Maxim Group, in particular in the fields of real estate, hotels, security and health, tourism, among others.

He said his company and Nigerian partners are keen to work with the CTF administration for the overall development of the CTF.


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Claim: A national newspaper and several online platforms claim that Brazil has adopted Yoruba as an official language and that the language will be included in the curricula of primary and secondary schools.

Verdict: The claim is false. The content of the article published by these online platforms is not new; it has been put back into circulation several times and has been debunked. Egyptian company partner of FCTA seeks investment in transport sector

FCTA partners with Egyptian company and seeks investment in transport sector

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