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Cairo-based Hive solves a simple problem: connecting parents to reliable school transportation options through its mobile apps for Android and iOS. Launched a few months ago, the startup launched its mobile applications (by Android and ios) last month and is currently available in Cairo. Founded by Abdelrahman Osama, a UX consultant with 20 years of experience in Egypt and Malaysia, and Mohamed Aboali, who has over 20 years of experience in creating different technology products, Hive currently has a team of eight employees working from its Cairo office. The startup founded less than eight months ago has already received an angel investment and is currently looking to raise more.

We caught up with Hive co-founder and CEO Abdelrahman Osama to learn more about the product. Here is what he had to say.

What is Hive?

Think of it as a subscription-based carpooling solution for school children. We started with daily school trips to Cairo for a certain age group, but now we are looking to cover transportation for school children of all ages in Egypt and beyond.

How did it start?

We started with a simple Facebook post on a newly created page with a newly designed brand in just three days and it went viral reaching 75,000 users organically with over 300 shares and ended up receiving 2,000 requests for daily school trips. for more than 4,000 children through a Google form in less than two months.

How it works?

Parents download the app, register, and add their school and home address, along with some details about the child or children. Hive receives requests and creates a group of four children living nearby and attending the same school. Hive staff then designate a captain for this group and arrange a meeting between the captain and the parents where all documents including copies of the license, national ID card, drug tests and records. courts, are presented to parents.

Once accepted, parents pay one month in advance and an additional fifteen days for insurance. After that, the subscription is activated and the captain takes the children to school and brings them home daily. Parents can follow all trips on the app.

How much does the service cost ?

For 0-6KM distance between home and school, we charge 600 EGP per month per child, 735 EGP for 6-10KM, 870 EGP for 10-14KM and 1070 EGP for 14-20KM. All packages include double-sided travel for the entire month.

Why does the world need it?

School transportation is starting to get very expensive. One of the schools I knew used to charge 10,000 EGP as an annual school bus fee increased it to 14,500 EGP. But at the same time, children have to spend long periods on the buses because there are dozens of students on each bus – this time that could be used by them for different things. Another option for parents is private cars or micro-buses known as “Dawrat Madares”. Now they might be cheaper than Hive but not as secure and convenient.

Where is it available?

We started with Nasr City & 5th Settlement in Cairo – this is where we received most of our inquiries. But now we’re also available in a few other neighborhoods, including Mokattam and Maadi, and we should be available on October 6 in the coming weeks as well.

Where are you?

We started with a small pilot project as we try to improve our operations and our technology by learning lessons. To date, we have about 70 children with us who make 180 weekly trips. We just made 3,000 trips.

What is the economic model?

We match captains and parents, then moderate the relationship. In return, we keep 20% of the subscription as a service charge and the remainder of 80% goes to the captains. We may add additional sources of income in the future.

What’s next for Hive?

We have very big plans for the future, in particular the extension of our offers to preschool nurseries. This is something that we have been planning for some time now and will be launching very soon. Apart from that, we will continue to expand into other areas of Cairo and then expand beyond the city later this year.

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