Downtown Bridge will limit vehicular traffic starting Friday “The Official Site for the City of Birmingham, Alabama

The downtown bridge will limit vehicle traffic from Friday

Birmingham, AL – Richard Arrington Jr. Boulevard The bridge that connects First Avenue South to First Avenue North will restrict vehicular access beginning Friday, Jan. 21. As one of the lowest-rated bridges in the state, the city regularly monitors its condition.

The bridge has a weight limit of 3 tons and continues to be used by heavy vehicles, which is the main source of concern for the structure. In 2019, the city launched an awareness campaign, adding more signage regarding the 3-ton weight limit, increased police patrols, and contacted various agencies to urge members to limit heavy vehicle use of the bridge. The intent of the effort was to reduce damage to the structure. The persistent violation of the weight limit led to the city’s decision to close the bridge to vehicles.

Pedestrians can continue to use the bridge safely without further damage to the existing structure. The use of bicycles and scooters will also be allowed. Motorists can access downtown from the south by taking alternate routes via 20th and 24th Streets. Closing begins at 6 a.m. on Friday.

The city’s Department of Transportation has hired a company that is midway through the design phase of a replacement for the bridge. The city is also considering financing options for the replacement. Once a design plan is complete, the public will have the opportunity to review the design.

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