Deming Public Schools Provide Transportation News Online


DEMING – Deming Public Schools has a new online service to help keep parents and the community informed. Visit: on the district website

What does this new service give the community access to?

• Information on the route and stops of school buses in your area.

• Route and stop information is subject to eligibility criteria.

• Information on the boundaries of the elementary school

• Contact transport

• Sign up for transportation updates Additional transportation information for the new school year:

Please arrive at the bus stop early: traffic, weather, loading and unloading, etc. can all vary the arrival times of buses. To ensure the safety of the children (and that we don’t miss you), please present your child at the bus stop 10-15 minutes earlier than the estimated time of arrival stated on the pass.

Also, if you are picking up your child from the bus stop, follow the same rule. Please don’t be late.

Conditions for change of address

If you have a change of address and need to make new transportation arrangements, you must first update your child’s school address. It takes 24 hours for the changes to be transferred to our database.

Please be sure to come and reserve your child on a bus after this 24 hour shift.

Temporary bus pass requests

When requesting a temporary bus pass for a day or a bus trip, the parent / guardian must provide a note to the school reception. Please provide a phone number on the note so that the secretary or designate can call to confirm with the parent.

Note: Temporary bus passes are only valid for one day and one way. If you need several days, weeks, etc., you must report to the DPS transport department to get an “exceptional bus pass” or request a 501T.

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