Coordinated efforts have helped curb the illegal transport of fertilizers: CS Kamran

Punjab Chief Secretary Kamran Ali Afzal said the coordinated efforts of the administration, police, military border police and the agriculture department have ended the illegal transport of fertilizers out of the country. Province.

This is what he said on Tuesday during a speech on the occasion of his visits to the border checkpoints of Dera Ghazi Khan to review the measures taken to curb the smuggling of fertilizers. He inspected the checkpoints of Sakhi Sarwar, Rakhi Gauj and Bawata and reviewed the arrangements there.

Kamran Ali Afzal, while expressing his satisfaction with the measures taken to control the smuggling of fertilizers, asked officers to check vehicles carrying fertilizers at checkpoints through the online portal, in addition to continuing the strict control of fertilizers. trucks leaving the province. The chief secretary said that after registering an FIR, the confiscated fertilizers should be sold in the market at a fixed price. He also praised the spirit of the staff performing duties at checkpoints in bad weather.

Political assistant Ikram Malik informed the Chief Secretary that 2,469 bags of urea fertilizer that were illegally transported out of the province were seized at the Sakhi Sarwar checkpoint and were sold at the fixed price in the provinces. Choti Zerin, Shah Sadar Din and Jhok Uotra areas. He said that in accordance with instructions from the provincial government, CCTV cameras have been installed and personnel from the administration, police, military border police, agriculture department and customs have been deployed. at all checkpoints. Captain (right) Saqib Zafar, the Commissioner and RPO DG Khan were also present.

Kamran Ali also visited DHQ hospital and the sites of various development projects. He inspected emergency and other hospital departments and inquired about the provision of medical facilities and drugs.

He asked the patients if they were having any difficulties in their treatment. Patients and their caregivers said doctors performed regular check-ups and provided them with free medicine.

Expressed his satisfaction with the arrangements at the hospital, he also asked for further improvement. He also inspected the sites of Sardar Fateh Mohammad Khan Buzdar Heart Institute, Mother-Child and Panahgah Hospital under construction at DHQ Hospital and issued the necessary instructions.

The chief secretary said the pace of work on any project should not be slow, and he should be informed immediately if there is any problem in releasing funds.

He said that with the completion of the Sardar Fateh Mohammad Khan Buzdar Heart Institute, not only the residents of DG Khan but also neighboring regions, including Balochistan, would benefit from advanced medical facilities.

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