Contributions to achieve carbon neutrality: HORIBA launches a special website for …

HORIBA, Ltd. launched the special Hydrogen Energy website (URL: to provide an accessible introduction to the HORIBA Group’s initiatives in hydrogen energy .

Background to the website launch

Our world is moving towards carbon neutrality or net greenhouse gas emissions. Alternatives to the use of fossil fuels such as hydrogen and eFuels are developing rapidly. These can be substitutes to support the decarbonisation of supply chains. In addition, improving energy efficiency plays an important role.
HORIBA defends its mission to contribute to the progress of science and technology and to the preservation of the global environment in its business philosophy. We offer a wide range of analysis and measurement solutions to help build a society that intelligently produces, stores and uses energy.
Our solutions include fuel cell / electrolysis evaluators, material analyzers such as Raman spectroscopes and elemental analyzers for fuel cell catalysis and ingredients, real-time multigas monitors to detect gas impurities for the hydrogen production line, total engineering skills to test from component level to system level, turnkey construction testing facility consultancy, and so on.
The HORIBA Hydrogen Energy website was launched not only to showcase analysis and measurement solutions capable of addressing the technical challenges faced by customers using hydrogen energy, but also to summarize the market trends of the energy observed by HORIBA.

Main content

1. Technological movements, needs, strategies and expectations towards a carbon-free society
This section introduces the energy market and highlights rapidly changing trends due to changes in global politics. He explored the high-level details of each major country and region as well as economic rationality. HORIBA operates in more than 50 locations, which gives us a unique perspective to examine trends in the global energy market.

2. HORIBA tackles the challenges of many sectors
This section presents the challenges of optimizing the supply chain of energy production, transport, storage and use. HORIBA also has its own initiatives to achieve a sustainable society.

3. Why HORIBA: State-of-the-art scientific and technical know-how / Measurement solutions to reduce costs and maximize efficiency
This section presents our product line with case study information on how HORIBA analysis and measurement solutions help achieve carbon neutrality. We develop solutions to meet customer challenges; from gas measurement to materials analysis; from monitoring installations to evaluating batteries and fuel cells; from the development of electric vehicles to many other low-carbon modes of transport.

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