Boards launch new website to examine future of South West Herts


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The South West Hertfordshire Councils have launched a website to support their long term aspirations for the region and want to hear their views on issues important to those who live and work in this part of the county.

St Albans Town and District Council, together with Hertfordshire County Council and the four other councils that make up South West Hertfordshire – Dacorum Borough Council, Hertsmere Borough Council, the Three Rivers District Council and Watford Borough Council – planning for the future of the region. South West Herts’ new Joint Strategic Plan (SW Herts JSP) will look into the future of SW Herts through 2050, addressing strategic issues, including infrastructure, that cross board boundaries.

By working together through the SW Herts JSP, the councils will be in a stronger position to provide and better finance housing, essential local transport links, health services, educational facilities and jobs than the local population. wishes to see, as well as ensure that this part of Hertfordshire is sustainable, cleaner, greener and healthier.

The website was created to help people discover the SW Herts JSP and get involved in the process. It provides basic information to the JSP, including details of what will be involved in its preparation and an opportunity for people to get involved in developing a long-term vision for SW Herts.

The vision will include key questions that need to be addressed. It will be based on more than 14,900 comments submitted as part of the “SW Herts – Your Future” commitment which took place in early 2020.

The JSP should take into account the local plan for St Albans and others being developed by the individual councils for their areas.

Cllr Chris White, Head of St Albans City and District Council, who chairs the SW Herts Councilor Group made up of representatives from all councils in the area, said:

The South West Hertfordshire Councils are working together to define our vision for the future in what will be a new Joint Strategic Plan for all of this part of Hertfordshire. This new website provides a lot of information about the work we do and how local people can get involved.

A video series from leaders in academia, industry and voluntary sector and a quiz asking what kind of future might be possible in SW Herts is available at This first opportunity to help shape the vision runs until Monday, December 14.

There will be another opportunity to influence the vision of SW Herts’ joint strategic plan when it is officially released for comment in 2022.


Note: SW Herts is one of the few councils in the UK that works together in this way. By considering the longer-term future of a larger area as a whole, the opportunities to successfully plan for the future are greater.

SW Herts, your future does not replace local plans. Dacorum, Hertsmere, St Albans City & District, Three Rivers and Watford still need to prepare their own local plans.

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