Alan Amos denounces the website’s pothole claims

A COUNTY transportation chief denied allegations of pothole problems in the city.

County Councilor Alan Amos spoke out after highlighted several potholes and uneven roads.

He said the website did not provide accurate and up-to-date information.

With the increase in travel during the Christmas season, road safety is more important than ever.

Councilor Amos, a cabinet member responsible for highways at Worcestershire County Council, said: ‘Data provided by websites like does not provide an accurate picture of the existing highway maintenance issues in Worcestershire or even any part of the UK.

“The website invites the customer to register for marketing information from Cycling UK, which does not reliably convey the information to County Council, so we do not trust this data.

“Given the massive investment we have made and continue to make in our roads and sidewalks, the surfaces in Worcestershire are the best in the region, with an excellent track record in pothole repair .

“We always inspect potholes that are brought to our attention and perform an effective repair.

“Anyone can report a road fault to us directly through our trusted website at”

(Wylds Lane)

Worcester News:

(Troutte Beck Drive)

Worcester News:

(Route Tolladine)

The areas reported as the worst by were in and around London Road, Wylds Lane, Camphill Road and Tolladine Road.

When the Worcester News came out yesterday, we didn’t see any potholes on these roads.

With the increase in travel during the Christmas season, road safety is considered more important than ever.

Nearly 18 million motorists are expected to be on the roads as Christmas approaches.

The AA said December 23-24 is expected to be the busiest days, with more than 17.8 million cars traveling on bot days.

December 18 is expected to be the busiest Saturday, with over 16.5 million tanned motorists (motorists) hitting the roads.

Do you have problems with potholes where you live?

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